Masters in Life Transitions Counseling • Certification in Applied Positive Psychology

Here’s my story, can’t wait to learn about yours!

For my first 18 years of life, I lived in the same Southern California town with the same close friendships that I developed from a very young age.

I LOVED consistency and really wasn't a big fan of change.

This was the mindset I had when I went off to college. Ok, to be honest, it was also the mindset I had after college. Upon graduating, I was ready to "go home" and get back to living that life that I left. 

Shortly after returning home and fulfilling that desire, I ended up with a job offer that brought me back up North. From that point on, I have moved 7 times, have had 5 jobs, went to graduate school, got married, had 2 kids, got a dog, formed 3 more core girlfriend groups in new communities and started my private practice (yes, these are the highlights - there have also been bumps in the road and undesired/unexpected twists to go along with all the goodness). 

Embracing the growth mindset...

The irony of it all is that while life transitions really weren't for me, it was something that I was curious about and wanted to help "other people" go through! Be careful what you wish for...after earning my Masters in Life Transitions Counseling, not only have I had the privilege of working with "others" in transition, I have had the opportunity to be my own guinea pig - over and over again! 

I now have a deep appreciation for transitions and the vital role they play in our lives.

My approach to life has always been to take responsibility for creating my reality and to look for the good in situations, and people. This approach is how I managed to successfully navigate my transitions, and it is also what attracted me to the field of Positive Psychology. Finally, there is scientific research to back all the stuff my gut told me about the art of flourishing. In the spirit of being a life-long learner, I added on a Certificate in Positive Psychology so I could provide my clients (and myself) with additional pathways to live a thriving life.

Snap Shot

Masters in Life Transitions Counseling, University of San Francisco (USF)
Certification in Applied Positive Psychology, The Flourishing Institute, NYC
Bachelors in Social Sciences, University of California at Berkeley

Creator of Mindful Stepping

Prior to opening my private practice in 2003, I worked at UC Berkeley and USF counseling and advising students and alumni.

*Important note: While my education is in counseling, I am not a therapist. If you are interested in working on deeper mental health issues, I am happy to work in collaboration with your therapist.