5 Reasons To Get Up And Start Moving!

Want to boost your creativity, improve your problem-solving ability, connect more effectively with colleagues and feel more energized each day?

Most likely you have heard increasing noise about the extreme health risks of too much sitting, but did you know that getting up and moving can offer big benefits to your mental health, work performance, productivity and relationship with colleagues.

Yes, the small act of getting off your chair and moving your legs has BIG professional rewards.

Still not sure about making walking a regular part of your daily work life? Consider these 5 job-related benefits of walking during your work day -

  1. Walking reduces stress and releases endorphins that assist in feeling more relaxed. You know those times when you are SO stressed and don't have time to get up and take a break? THOSE are the times you most need a walk - a 20 minute stroll can provide the stress-relief you need to return to your desk relaxed and ready to roll.
  2. Walking triggers creative thinking. When you find yourself staring at the same 4 walls in the same environment, your mind can get complacent and bored. Change up your environment to stimulate change in thought. Visuals from your walk can inspire fresh and unexpected ideas.
  3. Body movement helps with brain health. Walking increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain - critical elements for optimal brain functioning. In addition to helping your brain operate at it's peak (which is critical for work performance!), walking also has positive effects on memory.
  4. Walking with a colleague can improve your relationship. When walking side by side with a colleague it creates a more comfortable dynamic (as opposed to sitting across a desk from each other). The stress-reduction effect of walking also can lead to more relaxed and effective conversations.
  5. Problem solving is enhanced while moving your body. When you are stuck on how to proceed with a problem, give your mind some fresh air to generate out-of-the-box solutions to the issue at hand. Allowing your brain time to relax and taking a breather from the "problem" can often generate unexpected answers.

Did you read this while sitting? Time to turn off your device and get walking! Happy stepping.