It's NOT Too Late!

Have you ever thought "If I was younger, I'd do..." or "If I didn't take the path I took, I would have done..."?


If you are reading this post, you are still breathing, living AND still have time...most likely, a LOT of time to do the things you thought you are too old to be doing or to be the person who you really want to be.

Dorothy got her masters at 50 and retired at age 70!

In case you are wondering, Dorothy was my mom's 103 year old friend who just recently passed. A few more fun facts - not only could she touch her toes in her 100's, but she also regularly gardened, enjoyed the outdoors and loved entertaining friends - all things that kept her young and vibrant throughout life. I LOVE when real life success stories support the science behind human flourishing and longevity!

I didn't know she earned her masters at 50 until I read the program from her memorial...but I so wish I could have found out what inspired her to just go for it and not think "I've missed the boat for that path".

Ponder this - she got to enjoy her new career for 20 years AND she lived an additional 53 after she got her masters.


If age is stopping you from pursuing something of interest - stop for a minute and ask yourself, "What would Dorothy do?". You may find yourself taking a leap of faith and having some fun in the process!