Trading Balance For Fulfillment


“Don’t try to live a balanced life. Live a fulfilled life.”

Love being quoted in Mina Yoo's interview for GeekWire. Also love my Qlipter and all it's functionality!

You are a great model of "the fulfilled life"...keep having fun, Mina. Thanks for sharing this with me!

For those of you thinking you day...not now but something or create something, what's stopping you? The difference between you and those who proactively pursue their ideas is just that – they PROACTIVELY PURSUE THEIR IDEAS! Love how Mina had this idea and decided to stop just thinking about, stop just talking about, and start just asking HOW do I make this happen. One product done and she is now on fire with her next innovation!

Yes, Mina is pretty cool…but hey, so are you!

Now it's your turn.

As I tell clients and groups, your life might not (and probably won't!) feel balanced while you pursue something new and different, but if it feels fulfilled...isn't that what it's ultimately all about. In the talk that Mina referenced, I said not only does "balance" set us up for stress and failure by trying to make this unattainable concept happen, but it also doesn't seem all that desirable! When I reflect on my life, I am shooting for fulfillment and a life that feels good - a picture that is malleable depending on my life stage and desires.

Fulfillment requires an assessment of where you are in all your life areas (relationship, parenting, work, health, service…) and what is most meaningful and important at any given life stage. Once you have a pulse on your current desires, needs and demands, then you can create the plan that works for you in that life moment. At any given time, you are naturally going to want to give more energy and time to specific areas and other areas might take a back seat…that’s the concept!

The beauty of this plan?

It is customized for you and there is no need to compare it to that friend or any other person who appears to be “doing it all”…this is your plan and you get to design the perfect fit for YOU. How liberating!

Balance is great for your yoga or Pilates practice, but when it comes to living your life, give fulfillment a chance!